There are at least 18 ad sizes on the Google Display Network (potentially more depending on what country you’re in). Each of them a different size and shape. Generally, the space above the fold is considered the most lucrative ad space since it’s the first thing people see when they land a page. More info about Google Display Network can be found here but below are the most sizes.

Top Performing Google Display Ad Sizes

300 x 250 px – Medium Rectangle

The medium rectangle has the highest ad impression share of 33%, which represents a third of all ad impressions on the Google Display Network.

Google Ad Sizes 300 x 250 px

336 x 280 px – Large Rectangle

Large rectangle ads are the second most effective ad size, especially when placed beside an article.

Google Ad Sizes 336 x 280 px

728 x 90 px – Leaderboard

You’ll usually see leaderboard ads in the header portion, above the fold or on the upper half of the screen. A standard leaderboard can contain both text and images and captures a 32% ad impression share on the Google Display Network.

Google Ad Sizes 728 x 90 px

300 x 600 px – Half Page

Half page ads are big enough to accommodate a mix of copy, image, offer, and CTA button. With a high click-through rate and click-to-conversion-rate.

Google Ad Sizes 300 x 600 px

320 x 100 px – Large Mobile Banner

Large Mobile Banner is designed to target smartphone users. It’s usually placed on the bottom of a page.

Mobile 320 x 100 px

320 x 50 px – Mobile Leaderboard

Plays nice at the bottom of a page and maintains an ad’s visibility.

Mobile 320 x 50 px

Other Google Display Ad Sizes

Ad TypeWidth (px)Height (px)
Small Rectangle180150
Large Leaderboard97090
Half Banner23460
Vertical Banner120240
Wide Skyscraper160600

Other Artwork Sizes

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