Save the planet, grow a forest.

Go climate positive, repair nature and reduce your carbon emissions. Help save the planet with Ecologi, it’s a no-brainer.

Each month Ecologi fund a range of certified carbon reduction projects that remove greenhouse gasses from the environment (see their amazing work here). And with the help of The Eden Reforestation Project, Ecologi also plants millions of trees around the world each month.

I’m doing my bit to help them save the planet, and you can too. For every client booking I receive, a clump of 25 trees are planted and half a tonne of CO2 reduced.

Slide thumbnail25 trees for every client bookingGrow a forest

With the help of all my clients, this is how we’re getting on:

Trees planted


Carbon offset (tonnes)


Climate Clock

Decades of unchecked carbon emissions threaten to devastate the natural systems upon which we depend. Backed by the latest science, the Climate Clock tells us what we must do, by when.

The Deadline and Lifeline on the Climate Clock make explicit the speed and scope of action that political leaders must take in order to limit the worst climate impacts.

The Clock’s Deadline tells us in order to have a two-thirds chance of staying under the critical threshold of 1.5°C warming, we must achieve near zero emissions in less than seven years.

The Clock’s Lifeline tells us that the percent of global energy coming from renewable sources. It’s rising, but not nearly fast enough.

Together, the Deadline and Lifeline frame the mission: We must build a 100% renewable future in as close to 7 years as possible. 

This is a timeline that no government is yet willing to commit to, but we must do what science and justice demand, not what elected officials or CEOs might deem convenient. #ActInTime

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