Here are a few of the best colour palette generator sites that I like to use. My favs are Coolors and Khroma. Whereas Coolors is good to use, Khroma generates some amazing colour palettes due to the Ai algorithm.

Coolors colour palette generator

Coolors is a super fast colour schemes generator for designers. Create, save and share perfect palettes in seconds! It’s a great UI it makes building a colour palette fun and feels a bit like playing a fruit machine. When you see a colour you’re after you can ‘lock’ that colour. Then press the space bar again to see what colours get generated next. It has plenty of features. You can mix and match primary and secondary colours. Generate gradient palettes, palettes from an image, view a luminance map, export your palette in a range of formats. You can also generate colour palettes for colour blindness.


Khroma uses AI to learn which colours you like and creates limitless palettes for you to discover, search, and save. You are initially shown a range of colours and asked to click 50 colours you like. The AI trains a neural network powered algorithm to generate colours you like and block ones you don’t. Khroma has learned from thousands of the most popular human-made palettes across the internet to produce great combos which you can view as typography, gradient, palette, or custom image. Create an unlimited library of your favourite combos to reference later. Get colour names, hex codes, RGB values, CSS code, and WCAG accessibility rating of each pair.

Adobe Colour CC
Adobe Color

Adobe Color CC, this used to be Adobe Kuler. It’s the same colour generator you find in Adobe apps such as Illustrator. You create colour schemes with the colour wheel. Selecting a base colour and exploring the colours with harmony rules and slider tools. You can also pull colours from an image to generate colour themes, browse thousands of colour themes created by the Kuler community and export palettes as Adobe Swatch Exchange files, to import into Adobe apps.


iColourpalette has a similar look and feel to Coolors, but it’s not quite as good. It will create palettes with Pantone colours though.

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