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Complex formatting in one click

Being able to quickly and consistently roll-out a style across a piece of work is so much easier if you use Indesign Stylesheets. Almost any InDesign document can benefit from a stylesheet, even a simple business card.

Indesign Stylesheets allow you to:

  • Quickly and easily change the formatting of text, objects and tables throughout an entire document with a single click or keystroke
  • Maintain consistency of text, objects, tables and colour throughout an entire document
  • Standardise styles to ensure that everyone working on a project or brand uses the same settings for size, spacing, strokes, colour, corner radius etc

Types of stylesheet

  • Paragraph Styles define all elements of text formatting for an entire paragraph, even if that’s only one line of type. Font, size, style and colour, along with paragraph attributes such as spacing, indents, alignment, tabs, and hyphenation.
  • Character Styles work in a similar way but are for individual characters or words within a paragraph. You can also embed a Character Style in a Paragraph Style and define variables to automatically apply it to certain words or characters.
  • Object Styles are for text boxes and graphic frames to create consistent strokes, fills and tints, effects, rounded corners, indents and text options.
  • Cell Styles format individual cells within a table. Including cell insets, strokes and fills. A Cell Style can also pull in a Paragraph Style to style up and format the text in a table.
  • Table Styles format attributes such as table borders, row and column strokes, and can be applied in a single click. Cell Styles can also be included within Table Styles.

The Adobe page on stylesheets is here.

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