Whilst rummaging through some more of my old boxes from the attic, I came across some of my Grandad’s print and typography samples.

This scrap book has a few of his prints that he did whilst studying printing at Blackburn College in 1934. During this time in early thirties printing technology was becoming more varied and advanced. It was only a couple of years earlier in 1928, that the typeface ‘Gill Sans’ was designed; and in 1932 ‘Times New Roman’ was first used by The Times newspaper. In 1935 Penguin Books first started publishing and the ‘Futura’ typeface was commercially released in 1936.

Some of my Grandad’s print samples were produced using an offset printing process and others produced with a ‘hot metal’ Linotype machine. After he left college and went through the war, he became a Linotype operator until he retired. For more info on Linotype you can watch the trailer for the Linotype film here.