In a recent house move I discovered a few things tucked away in some boxes in the attic. Things that I’d collected during my career in design and print.

The Mac Designer’s Handbook was first released in 1992. I bought it when I started using an Apple Mac around 1994. The book is an introduction into using the Mac as part of the design process.

The Mac only had between 5mb and 8mb of RAM, the operating system at the time was MacOS 7 and page layout was done in QuarkXpress 3.0 or Aldus Pagemaker. It was also around 1994 that Pagemaker was bought by Adobe, who would use Pagemaker as a blueprint for what would become Indesign 1.0, released in 1999.

The book covers topics that may seem obvious in today computer world, but this was even before Windows 95 was released. The desktop, folder structures, fonts and image handling are all introduced.